Phlox stolonifera
Phlox stolonifera 'Weesie Smith’ - Weesie Smith Creeping Phlox

The Weesie Smith Horticulture Award is to be given to a recipient within Zone VIII who has shown leadership concerning, and knowledge of, native plants: their protection, propagation and use in the landscape. Willingness to mentor and generosity with knowledge should be criteria. It is not necessary that the recipient be a member of a GCA club.


Procedure: The Awards Chairman and the President of a Zone VIII club shall submit the proposal. Four copies of the proposal should be submitted to the Zone VIII Horticulture Representative at least two months before the annual Zone VIII meeting. The Horticulture Representative shall be responsible for forwarding the copies to each member of the deciding committee. The deciding committee shall be the Zone VIII Director, Zone VIII Chairman, Zone VIII Awards Representative, and the Zone VIII Horticulture Representative. If the recipient is a team, each member of the team should be recognized and receive a certificate. The Red Mountain Garden Club, Birmingham, Alabama shall administer the award.


The current Zone VIII Horticulture Chairman and her contact information may be found in the Awards section of the Garden Club of America website.