Congratulations to Vickie Denton of the Garden Club of Palm Beach, from all the members of Red Mountain Garden Club on her receipt of The Weesie Smith Horticulture Award.

The Weesie Smith Horticulture Award is given to a recipient within Zone VIII who has shown leadership concerning, and knowledge of native plants; their protection, propagation, and use in the landscape. The recipient exhibits willingness to mentor and generosity with her knowledge.

Weesie Smith was a long time member of the Red Mountain Garden Club of Birmingham, Alabama. She worked tirelessly in the field of horticulture, most specifically with those plants native to Alabama and the southeast. She spent her life learning about all aspects of nature and has generously and humbly shared her vast store of knowledge of horticulture and her collection of plant material. Over her life, Weesie received both local and national awards for her efforts in horticulture and was known as one of the country’s finest field botanists. In December, 2016, Weesie Smith passed away, so this year this award is very special to Red Mountain Garden Club.

This year’s recipient for the Weesie Smith Horticulture Award is a GCA member and Master Gardener that has spent her life promoting and educating others, especially children, on native trees and other species of the state of Florida. She is an active member of various Horticulture and nature conservation organizations surrounding Palm Beach, working tirelessly to assist with the conservation, propagation and education of the surrounding ecosystems.

This year’s recipient of the Weesie Smith Horticulture Award is Vickie Denton of The Garden Club of Palm Beach.
- from the 2017 Zone VIII Meeting